About Us

Argon Global Healthcare focuses on serving independent agencies and clients who have international needs with a high level of strategic oversight and creative guidance. Our strategy team consists of the principals of our agencies across the world but day-to-day organisation, facilitation, new business and logistics are coordinated within Argon Central, the London based headquarters.

Argon: organized for success

Resourced to deliver

Proven achievement: Argon leadership has led the creation of many of the world's foremost pharmaceutical brands, delivering consistent value to clients over 30 years

Best-in-class: Argon Global vision realized through the selection and alignment of the right quality expertise and skills needed to meet 21st century client needs

Value-added: Argon cuts "old network" wastage, working with forward-looking pharma companies as a lean and integral strategic, creative business partner

Alignment to purpose

Power of collaboration: Argon believes in full transparent, cooperative strategic and operational understanding with clients to enable partnership to deliver

Connected to you: Argon's simplified contact structure ensures closer leadership and task responsiveness across the core team, specialists and local in-market experts

Customisation with precision: Argon services are totally adaptable and cost-flexible to reflect the culture and momentum of each client's business needs and preferences



  • Strategic insight: Brands must be meaningful in a wider context
  • Market access: A brand's foundations define its commercial future
  • Creativity: Ideas must endure as well as engage with cultural resonance
  • Digital: Lives within the flow of all communication not outside
  • Patients: Brand user relationships determine lifetime value ROI


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