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Dan McGuire (Founder)
Japan Healthcare Network

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Senior Officers

Dan McGuire, Managing Director and Founder



The Japan Healthcare Network provides services in the following areas for pharmaceutical, medical device and other healthcare-related companies:

  • ​Digital Marketing Strategies / Digital Solutions & Technologies (Pharma / Medical Device)

For a set number of hours per month, the digital program provides strategic direction to brand teams on an ongoing basis in order to facilitate long-term competitiveness.  The five pillars of the program include:

​Updates on Digital Trends - Current digital opportunities and threats

Assistance with Digital Brand Strategy - Analysis and recommendations

Introducing Technologies - Learn of what technologies to deploy

External Vendors to Use - Search, evaluations and recommendations

Ongoing Support for Brand Teams - To be proactive through digital growth rather than reactive to market forces

  • ​Service: Remote Detailing Implementation and Strategy Support

​JHN provides pharma and medical device companies with best-in-class remote detailing implementation and strategy support based on experience with the technology since 2010. Please contact JHN for more information.

  • Service: Digital Capability Audit

A digital capability audit is a deep dive to uncover isA digital capability audit is a deep dive to uncover issues impeding competitiveness and subsequently recommending the right courses of actionPlease contact JHN for more information.​

  • ​Other Services:

​Japan Healthcare Consulting / Market Intelligence

​The Japan Healthcare Network provides market intelligence, market analysis, market entry support, and insights on approvals and reimbursement.  Please contact us regarding your digital needs. 

Digital Marketing Innovation Presentations

​Digital marketing innovation presentations are customized to your company's needs. JHN is also available for global presentations.

​Digital Marketing Training / Workshops

​As digital marketing is constantly changing, pharmaceutical and medical companies need to have their marketing teams properly trained to be more digital marketing savvy, to be able to understand how digital marketing continues to shape the market and also to learn how to think in different ways to compete more effectively.  Please contact us regarding your training needs.


A digital healthcare marketing and consulting agency that understands your business.

Key Clients

  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Exl Events
  • Lilly
  • Pfizer
  • Sanofi
  • Veeva
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