daVinci Digital Therapeutics srl


Via Giovanni Durando 38/a – Polihub
20100 - Milan I

Senior Officers

Massimo Beccaria, Co-Founder & CEO

Giuseppe Recchia, Co-Founder & CEO

Activities and Services

daVinci Digital Therapeutics has been founded in 2019 and is located in Polihub Milan, one of the leading Business Accelerator in the world, to transform the treatment of chronic diseases and dependence with Digital Therapeutics (DTx).
Digital Therapeutics are therapeutics intervention whose active ingredient is an algorithm, developed with clinical trials, approved by regulatory bodies and prescribed by a physician.

Our vision:

“Digital Therapeutic, standalone or in combination, is the first therapeutic option offered by a physician to a patient with chronic disease or dependence”

We are a team of physicians, engineers and patients, with experience and expertise in product development, medical treatment, software development, regulatory.

We are committed to:

  • Research & Development of Digital Therapeutics : currently we have started the development of the first two DTx, to treat respectively depression and obesity.
  • Marketing and commercialization of Digital Therapeutics, both from our development and on licence
  • Consultancy on Digital Health: we provide consultancy on Digital Health, Digital Medicine and Digital Therapeutics to healthcare services pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers and communication agencies.
Go to website: www.davincidtx.com